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Legal Transcription Services

We provide legal transcription services in over 150 languages across the UK and overseas. We have facilitated transcription services to law firms, the crown prosecution service, probation services and the police. All of our transcriptions are recognised within the UK and are legally certified. We make it an obligation to provide error free foreign transcriptions which we achieve with the help of our expert, qualified transcribers. Our reputation speaks for itself and week on week we continue to expand our client list by exceeding expectations in our trusted legal transcriptional service.

Our Expert Transcribers

All assigned transcribers are experienced, and where necessary, fully qualified and registered in the UK with the Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ITI). Where necessary, our transcribers are additionally CRB checked and have at least a minimum of four years experience in the transcription sector. We also ensure that all transcribers translate into their native dialect as this ensures a transparent and a high quality transcription service.

What is a Transcription?

Transcription is the process of transcribing speech from a particular language such as Spanish, which is then written in Spanish by a native speaking transcriber. Transcriptions come in varying formats such as video or audio. On completion, the transcription is written down word for word either electronically or in a written document. Transcriptions can be written in line with a time code if requested, enabling you to pinpoint what was said and when.

Our legal Transcription Services Cover...

We work with the following transcription requests and file formats



Revised Summary

Script Style

Multiple Speakers

And we work with a number of audio and video transcriptions:

AV1 transcription

CD transcription

DVD transcription

MPEG transcription

MP3 transcription

WAV transcription

Window Media Player

Your Privacy

We take the privacy of our clients seriously, for this reason, we implement rigorous guidelines which we abide by in all areas of our business. beyond our standard privacy and security procedures, we are happy to sign non disclosure agreements at our clients request.
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