Lucrative Sports Contracts

  • Lucrative Sports Contracts

    It’s not shocking that big name athletes accumulate wealth abundantly, and because of these larger than life sports contracts, these numbers will only increase. We will count down some of the most expensive sports contracts. Our predictions are that these numbers will only continue to rise as the demand of athletes amplify.




    Floyd Mayweather- $206m

    Acclaimed as the richest individual athlete, Floyd Mayweather signed a 30 month deal with network ‘Showtime’ for $206m. The deal includes a six fight deal making the boxer the highest paid athlete for yearly earnings from a single contract. Floyd  has already completed half of his contract which is set to finish in 2015.


    Giancarlo Stanton- $325m

    This 25 year old American baseball player has gone down in history for signing the most lucrative sports contract with the Miami Marlins for $325m last month. The contract which is worth £208m exceeds the previous highest contract of $292 million which was signed by Miguel Cabrera with the Detroit Tigers. The contract is set to keep the baseball player in Miami until 2027. The contract will see Stanton receiving an average of $25M each year.


    Miguel Cabrera- $292m

    Miguel Cabrera has signed a whopping $292m extended contract with the Detroit Tigers. The two time MVP has extended his contract a further eight years.  Some are saying that the baseball star could earn up to $352m if negotiations for a further extension of 12 years is confirmed.


    Alex Rodriguez- $275m

    In 2008 Alex Rodriguez signed a 10 year deal worth $275m with the New York Yankees. Two years prior, the baseball star signed with the Texas Rangers for a deal worth $252m but left after the team began facing financial difficulties.


    Albert Pujols- $254m

    Earlier this year, Albert Pujols signed a 10 year deal worth $254m with the Lost Angeles Angels. At the time of signing the deal, the athlete’s contract was the second highest in baseball history.


    Robinson Cano- $240m

    Robinson Cano signed a 10 year deal worth $240m with the Seattle Mariners. The baseball player had spent his whole career with the New York Yankees before making the move. The Yankees had offered Cano a deal earning the 31 year old player $175m over seven years.


    Cristiano Ronaldo- $170m

    In 2009, former Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo signed a $170m contract with Spanish football team, Real Madrid for 10 years. His deal received much speculation in the media and in sports media making him one of the highest players in the sport.

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