Legal Translation Services

Legal Translations

We deliver trusted legal translation services and interpreting to some of the world’s largest and most well-known law firms and legal institutions. We offer corporate expertise and a fast, first rate service, complimented by a skilled team of linguists and project and account managers. At Language Reach we assist clients with their language needs in all areas of law whether it be family law, employment, criminal law or in any specialist legal field. We are recognised for consistently delivering a prompt, yet equally outstanding service with competitive prices. Our devoted team of expert linguists merge linguistic skills with legal knowledge in their chosen language. In addition, all of our translators are native speakers, each placing significance on the use of language and the practice of law throughout different cultures and dialects. All our translators are registered, qualified and fully adhere to industry regulations.

Fast Turnaround Times

And as well as offering reliable legal translation and interpreting services we produce unbeatable turnaround times. Language Reach recognises the strict time frames that the legal industry often has to adhere to, and for this reason we’ve made it a priority to provide a fast service without compromising on quality. We can turnaround 6,000 words per 24 hours as standard. For price increases we offer a turnaround of up to 20,000 words per 24 hours. For more information, contact an account manager to get a quote.


Our insight and vast experience has allowed Language Reach to take on assignments of all capacities. We’ve serviced legal translations in all specialist areas and we have facilitated a large number of interpreting services to a range of clients approaching each project individually. We know that there’s no room for error, and because we’ve been able to practice what we preach, we are continually growing with an ever expanding list of clients returning time and time again.

What we do

  • Legal document translations

    We provide certified legal document translations in over 150 languages.

  • Legal Interpreting Services

    We provide interpreting services including court interpreting to law firms, public sector bodies and other organisations across the UK and internationally in over 150 languages.

  • Legal transcription services

    We offer legal transcription services and our linguists work with document format and electronically.

Certified Translation Services

Language Reach provides certified translation services (in -house) and the following additional certification services:
Sworn Translations

A sworn translation is the name given to the process of a translation sworn in the presence of a solicitor witnessing that they've accurately conveyed a piece of translation.

Apostile Translations

Similar to a Notarised translation however this document is forwarded overseas. Before being sent, the document is sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth office for authorisation. An Apostille document is valid only within countries that adhere to the Hague Convention.

Notarised Translations

Notarised translations are requested by Government or legal bodies. Language Reach can provide signed and stamped notarised documents.

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