About us

Legal Translation Agency in London

Language Reach couples corporate knowledge and technological advancements with a global team of professional linguists. We provide corporate translation and interpreting services with unbeatable turnaround times and unbeatable quality. As an established legal translation agency, we work with clients nationally and internationally, delivering legal and financial translation and language services to government bodies, public sector organisations and some of the world’s largest and best-known corporations.

Reaching New Goals

We are continually expanding our international presence and currently have a center of operations in 16 countries including China, UAE, Brazil, USA and Germany. Our company headquarters are located in London.

Language Reach’s certified translation services are utilised by a considerable network of businesses in the legal and financial sectors. We've worked with numerous organisations ranging from SME's to global charities, and with firms across the legal and financial sectors offering everything from certified certificate translations to financial marketing translations. Thanks to our in depth knowledge, specialised use of technology and the expertise of native speaking translators, we're able to promise a linguistically precise service.

Our professional translation services are also in demand in numerous financial areas including insurance, consumer banking and accounting. As a result, Language Reach is well established in the legal and financial sector. We are recognised for delivering dedication, accuracy and reliability every time. Our reputation allows us to source and attract the best of the world’s suppliers and is just one reason why we guarantee a world class service for our clients.

Our Team

We have an extensive network of fully qualified linguists with corporate, legal, financial, business, and marketing knowledge. Our court interpreters are CRB checked, adhere to industry guidelines and have met strict requirements. We only select the best native speaking linguists to complete assignments promptly and accurately. Our in house project managers are experienced in various areas of translation. What's more, we also speak a large variety of languages in house, again helping to ensure quality.

Quality Assurance

Our promise is to always uphold a high standard of service and to offer our clients fast, flexible and high quality support. We understand that corporate business can be very demanding, for this reason communicating with us is effortless and with outstanding results guaranteed.
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